AlertZee the new app available on iTunes / Google Play

The new installed app to send messages direct to a franchisee’s phone. With push notifications, vibrate, sound effects… and read receipts!


Sending messages to a remote network of Franchisees, Franchise Partners and Staff can be a difficult job.Ā Email is unreliable, and not regularly checkedĀ by franchisees who are working within a busy retail shop or out on the road conducting business. There is no guarantee of delivery, and most importantly, no proof that your important email has been read by a franchisee.

AlertZee solves the problem of franchisee communication. It provides an easy and dependable method of delivering messages to your franchisees and their staff. AlertZee is the low cost app, installed on the Franchiseeā€™s phone and/or tablet, that allows you to target alerts and messages to individuals, or groups, from right within FranchiZeManager. AlertZee will notify them with a phone vibrate and sound effect, plus you can trackĀ when your messagesĀ haveĀ been read.

Forget about the costs of SMS & the unreliability of email. No more issues about Franchisees claiming to have never received the message. Itā€™s time to AlertZee!


Solve Franchisee Communication