The companion app for FranchiZeManager

Solve the problem of Franchisee communication

Sending messages to a remote network of Franchisees, Franchise Partners and Staff can be a difficult job.Ā Email is unreliable, and often not regularly checkedĀ by franchisees, who are working within a busy retail shop or out on the road conducting business. There is no guarantee of delivery, and most importantly, no proof that your important email has been read by a franchisee.


AlertZee solves the problem of franchisee communication. It provides a dependable method of delivering messages to your franchisees and their staff. AlertZee is the low cost app, installed on the Franchiseeā€™s phone and/or tablet, that allows you to target alerts and messages to individuals, or groups of staff, from right within FranchiZeManager. AlertZee will notify them with a phone vibrate and sound, plus you can trackĀ when your messagesĀ haveĀ been read.


Forget about the costs of SMS & the unreliability of Email. And issues about Franchisees claiming to have never received the message. It’s time to AlertZee!

Now Available on Google Play store for Android and iTunes for Apple GooglePlay and iTunes

Packed with features!

send messages to both Franchise Partners and/or Franchisee Staff

inbuilt ā€œpushā€ notifications that will appear on the phone home screen in realtime, with vibrate and sound alerts, to any installed device

see instantly when a message is read, and by whom

no cost per message, send as many messages as you want every hour, day, week or year

send a message to a group of people en masse or an individual

keeps a complete history of each message sent, proven evidence of messages sent and read by franchisees and staff

completely integrated with FZM, sending messages is simple and fast

not restricted to 160 characters like SMS

download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play store - 99 cent download

works on Apple and Android and Windows phones and tablets

private and secure

What kind of messages can you send?

training notifications

event reminders

field visit appointment reminders

warning / breach letters

motivational tips

birthday wishes

product / service updates

general staff messages and notifications

task reminders and notifications

customer feedback/complaints notifications

AlertZee can also be configured to work with any custom module or functions you have built within FranchiZeManagerā€¦ Just ask!

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AlertZee FAQs

How does pricing work?

Pricing is simple. There is a small one-off set-up fee to get AlertZeeĀ up and going. Then a low monthly feeĀ per registered and active AlertZee user. You can control what Franchise Partners and StaffĀ have access to the AlertZee app from right within FZM.


We also offer substantial discounts for large users, so get all your staff using it and reap the rewards. Fill out the form above to get an AlertZee pricelist.

How do my Franchise partners and staff get the app?

Anyone can download the app through the online store that matches their device type; iTunes, Google Play, or Windows Store.

Note: There is a 99C fee to download the app. This is charged to the user through the online store.

How do I know if the message has been read?

Everytime the message is opened by the recipient it sends a time-stamped notification back to the system. So when you re-open your AlertZee message in FZM just click on the Viewed History tab and you will see who has opened it and and when, all right within FZM.

How many messages / alerts can I send?

There is no limit on the number of messages you can send. And since it doesn’t cost to send per message it can be as frequent as you wish.

How will staff know to check AlertZee?

Any message you send throughĀ AltertZee has what’s called a “push” notification to notify the user that there is a new message. This will include making a notification sound and a vibrate on the device. The AlertZee app does not need to be openĀ for the push notification to work. As long as the user has logged in once, then the push notification will be received. Even if they have restarted the phone and not since opened the app.