Benchmarking / ScoreCard

This module will allow you to report franchisee performance, as detailed, and as complex (or as simple), as you need it to be. Create dashboards, anonymous ladders, reports of any kind you desire. Import your data from your POS, or other systems, and let FranchiZeManager present it in anyway you desire.





  • Import flat CSV files to pull in additional data from other systems, such as your Point-of-Sale system, finance system or data-warehouse.
  • Generate any chart/graph imaginable… user controlled dashboards, PDF reports, google maps and other visualisations, on-screen displays or periodically emailed reports.
  • Allow access to any user,┬áat any level, as defined by you.





  • Automate collection of external data, or even integrate, to collect data automatically at a system level.
  • Customise the module in any way required.