Business Plans

This module allows Franchisees to build and maintain a business plan right within FranchiZeManager. It is designed to be simple and fast to use for franchisees, and franchisors. It is based on the ā€œBalanced Scorecardā€ approach to business planning, a world-wide recognised methodology for business planning that drives results.

Standard Features


  • Allow franchisees/stores to create an unlimited number of Business Plans.
  • Manage Business Plans through life cycle and keep a history of past plans and achievements.
  • Developed in accordance with the Balanced ScoreCard approach to business planning – seeĀ
  • Allow franchisees to quickly create Goals > Measures > Action Plans across the key dimensions of the business including Customers, People, Processes, Financial, and Growth.
  • Allow franchisees to Submit their Business Plan to National Support Office.
  • Allow staff to undertake a periodic Plan Review, to track actual activity against planned activity.
  • Standard reports on who has/hasn’t submitted plans.
  • Print PDF reports on Business Plans and Plan Reviews.



Optional Extras


  • Customise the business plan structure, contentĀ and process in any way required.
  • Build in additional reporting.
  • Add escalation rules, and automated notifications to help keep business plans up to date.