Customisation Services

We have built FranchiZeManager to handle many of the common tasks that franchisors face. Out-of-the-box we think we have most things covered.


However every franchise is different and has different needs, so we allow you to customise any part of the system you wish. Some common small changes are:


  • changing field label names
  • adding new fields
  • creating new reports or dashboard charts
  • creating new access levels to change how your users can add/edit/create data
  • generating reports to export/import data to/from the system


But you’re not restricted by the size, nor the scope, of the changes you undertake.We can build new modules, integrate with your other systems, build workflows and automation in any way you choose.


Because we understand franchising and have a pre-built platform you will find our customisation service quick, painless and more cost effective than you imagine.





The standard process is:


  • You supply details of the changes you wish to perform
  • We provide you a detailed Systems Change Quotation that outlines the time and cost to perform each change
  • You approve the Quote and we schedule the work. Most changes are coded, tested and live within 2 to 5 days.
  • We invoice you for the quote as part of your next monthly invoice.




If you’re using franchise management software (or any software) we don’t believe you should put up with a system that only does 80% of what you need. Why still have ‘work arounds’ and side processes to deal with a system that doesn’t exactly match your needs? Instead, get the last 20% through our customisation services.