Demo Center – Candidate


Candidates – Quick Intro

A quick walkthrough of the FZM Candidates module, which is the CRM for recruitment/franchise developers.

(11 mins)


Understanding Status + Stages

Learn the difference between Status and Stages in FZM, and why both are need to track Candidate recruitment progress.

(5 mins)


Candidates Workflow + Using Follow Ups

The best way to work Candidate records in the system, using an efficient workflow.

(5 mins)


Contact Attempts

Learn how outreach Contact Attempts should be recorded on the Candidate record.

(2.29 mins)


Managing Multiple Contacts

Learn how to add and maintain multiple people (contacts) on the Candidate record

(3 mins)


Managing Sources

How to set up your Source field drop downs and use them on Candidate records.

(2:49 mins)


Sending Online Apps / RFC / RFVs

How to send Online Application forms (RFV/RFCs) to Candidates and how they complete them online.

(7 mins)


SignRequest – Sending Documents for Signing

Learn how to send legal documents for online signing.

(6 mins)


Issuing FDDs (North American Clients)

Learn how to issue FDDs from FZM, including capturing digital delivery & download receipts.

(7 mins)


Closing Candidates

How to close Candidate records and keep your pipeline small and clean.

(5 mins)


Converting to Onboarding (and Franchisee)

Learn how to convert from a Candidate to an Onboarding and Franchise record.

(3 mins)


Candidate Autoloaders

How to get franchise inquiries automatically loading into FZM as Candidates.

(2:48 mins)