Demo Center – General


Searching and Working with Data Grids in FZM

Learn about the power of FZM data grids. Including setting up custom “views” and setting back to default.

(4 mins)


Adding Notes and Using Notes Templates

How to add, manage and use Note Templates in FZM.

(2:34 mins)


Email Templates – How to Send Email in FZM

How to send email the fast way in FZM using email templates.

(5 mins)


Email Templates – Creating & Managing

How to create, edit and manage Email templates including using Folders.

(6 mins)


Notifications + Green Share Button

Learn how to use the Share button to streamline communications with other users

(2:42 mins)


Resetting A User’s Password

How to quickly reset a User’s password (if you have account admin permissions)

(1:32 mins)


Adding A New User

How to add a new User to the system.

(3 mins)


Understanding FZM Access Levels (ACLs)


(2:22 mins)