Access Levels

Access Levels

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


FranchiZeManager comes with a standard 3 access levels.  An access level defines the rights of the user, what records they see, what menu options they have and therefore how they can use the system. The three standard access levels are:


Franchisor_Admin: This is the highest level of access in FranchiZeManager and is for administration users at head office.  It provides full access to the system including the ability to add new users, and make users inactive and change other user’s access levels.


Franchisor: This is the same as Franchisor_Admin except this access level cannot add other users nor make users inactive nor change user’s access levels.


Franchisee: The franchisee access level is used for franchisees to login, they have restricted rights in what they can see and do.  For example they only see Field Visit notes that relate to them and they only see Calendar appointments that they are listed as an Attendee.


NOTE:  Before issuing franchisee logins you should create a dummy franchisee user and login to view exactly what they will see and ensure you are satisfied with this access level, changes can be made to the franchisee access level by contacting Hatchit.


Access levels can be changed and new access levels can be added, just contact Hatchit to ask for a customisation.