AlertZee Intro

AlertZee Intro

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


1.  Go to this link on your phone, download the file and click to install the AlertZee app:


2.  When you open it, go to settings page (pic 1 left) and enter details below and click “Update Settings” buttons (pic 2 right).


FranchiZeManagerAlertZee2 FranchiZeManagerAlertZee

























3.  You are now connected up to the FZM Demo site. You are registered as “Rob Hopkins”, so on the demo site if you go Directory > Search Staff Members  you will see.


Some examples of what you can do:


a.  Just send a message to one staff member (eg Rob Hopkins):


    • in FZM go to Directory > Search Staff Members


    • open Rob Hopkins staff record


    • click “Send Alert”, fill in details of the Alert, note that Rob has already been added to the send list


    • click “Send”


    • What happens next?


      • Rob Hopkins will be sent an alert


      • the push notification will inform him


      • when it is read you can go to the “Viewed History” tab on the Alert record and see who read it, when and how many times



b.  Send a customer complaint notification to a staff member:


    • in FZM go Franchisee > Customer Feedback > Search Feedback cases


    • open any case, and click “Send Alert” button


    • note the Alert is created and all the Complaint details are automatically carried across


    • in the “Send to Staff” panel click “Add Target Staff”  button, filter and select the staff you wish to send this alert to


    • click “Send”



c.  Send an Alert to group of staff/franchisees:


    • in FZM go Directory > Send Alert


    • fill in the details of the alert and add target staff


    • click “Send”