Candidates Module

Candidates Module

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


The Candidates module is found under the Recruitment menu in the top bar.


The Candidate module is used to manage the candidate through each stage of the recruitment process. It is used to store information such as contact details, discussion notes, archived emails, and importantly the probability that the Candidate will successfully become a franchisee. This data is used to manage the pipeline of candidates and provides valuable reporting.


As the candidate progress through the recruitment stages the user should update the candidate’s Recruitment stage.


TIP: A common area of customization is to adjust the different recruitment stages to suit your own recruitment process. You can do this using the menu Admin > My FZM Settings and then navigating to the Recruitment tab.


The Candidate form also provides a simple check-list to record that certain actions have been performed. You can also adjust the check-list at the bottom of the Candidate form using the options in the Admin > My FZM Settings menu and then navigating to the Recruitment tab.


The Candidate In Detail tab allows you to record additional information regarding the candidate. This data is usually obtained from the Candidates application form and entered manually. If you are using the Online Applications module of FZM then as the candidate completes data online this tab will fill with information.


If you also utilize our profiling tool ‘The FranchiZe Profile’ ( then any profiling reports for the candidate can be stored on-line or contact Hatchit to have your profiles automatically load into the candidate record when the candidate completes the profile.


TIP: Remember that automated reminders, email or tasks can we set up within the system to occur when certain events trigger them. So if you are running a complex recruitment process we can assist with developing an automated work-flow.