Changed By Another User Error

Changed By Another User Error

Changed by othe user Error


This can be a complicated error message to understand and fix. In the example above it states “Invoice” but this could be any module or record within FZM.


It has two causes;


1. Two people are working on the same record at once, ie the same Invoice, Customer, Franchisee etc. If the other person hits save before you then the version of the form you are looking at on your screen is now ‘out of date’, so the system is telling you to refresh the form as there is newer data available. While this can be the cause of the warning it is not common that this occurs, just check you don’t have the same record open in two separate tabs, as it might be you causing the error to yourself.


2.There is some business logic on the form/record that is triggering something that adjusts the form in the background, and consequently the version you are looking at is now ‘out of date’ and needs to be refreshed. This is a bug of sorts, meaning Support can fix it by changing the business logic on the form if we can replicate it, so we need to know the exact detailed steps (ie the buttons to press and the data to enter) to replicate the issue.


What should you do when this happens?


You don’t need to close FZM or even the record, just hit the white refresh icon on the top right of the form (in the blue banner). This will fetch the latest version of the form from the server, but it will mean you lose any data you have entered since your last successful save, so if there is a lot of text you may wish to copy it before you refresh the form, so you can paste it back in.

Then make a note of your steps and see if you can replicate the issue again, with this information please submit a ticket to support.