Creating a Lesson Topic

Creating a Lesson Topic

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Basic Process


The Lesson Topics feature allows you to break your lessons into further “sub-lessons”. A lesson can have an unlimited number of lesson topics, much like a course can have an unlimited number of lessons.


Lesson Topics adopt the same progression functionality as lessons. If you require lessons to be completed in a chronological order, then Lesson Topics also must be completed in chronological order. A lesson cannot be marked complete until all lesson topics have been marked as complete.


This is how you create a new Topic:





2.  Click the ADD NEW button



3.  Enter a Topic Title



4.  Enter Topic Content


Enter topic material in the text editor. Similar to how you did for Courses and Lessons.



5. F ill out the Topic meta-box


    • Associated Course: Select which course this topic will be part of. When you select the course, the Associated Lesson list will populate with applicable lessons.


    • Associated Lesson: Assign the lesson topic to a specific lesson.


    • Forced Topic Timer – Requires a user to stay on a lesson for a specific amount of time. The MARK COMPLETE button is not active until the timer reaches zero (optional). This is a useful feature if you want to try and avoid students just clicking through lessons.


    • Upload Assignment – When checked, the MARK COMPLETE button is replaced with a field for the user to upload a document. User cannot progress until the Administrator marks the assignment as complete. Admins can mark an assignment as complete, or delete it, by logging in and navigating to the lesson topic page (optional).


    • Auto Approve Assignment – When checked, all submitted assignments are approved without the need for the Admin to review first.



6. Set-up the Content Permission (Access levels) to the Topic


The Content  Permissions box deals with who is allowed to access the topic. Similar to courses and lessons it is based on the role of users. You can select one or more roles that you wish to have access to the topic, simply tick the relevant role. Note this doesn’t change the menu structure of the system.


7. Set Topic Order (Optional)


Similar to lessons you can set the topic order from the Attributes box.



8. Add a Featured Image (Optional)


You can set a featured image for the topic. This will display an image above the topic. Just click the link “Set featured image” and follow the onscreen prompts.



9. Allow Comments (Optional)


You can allow your users to leave comments on your topics. Usually this is best left as both unticked, as shown in the picture below:



10. Click PUBLISH