Creating a Store Opening Template

Creating a Store Opening Template

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Creating a Store Opening Template


Before everything else, you should create a template of tasks associated with a store opening. Although you can create an Opener without a template, it is recommended that you create a list of tasks in a template, this means you can create an opener quickly using the template. After creating the template, you can proceed to creating an Opener.



To Create a Store Opening Template


1. From the FZM Menu, click Opener, then Manage Templates.




2. Click Create New Template.




3. Under the Details tab of the Store Opener Template window, enter a name for the template. You may also enter a description, although this is not required.




4. If applicable, enter key milestones for the template by clicking the Add New button under the Key Milestones box. Key milestones are the major tasks associated with the store opening, they are used in an opening process to track the top 5-10 milestones, later you will see they are also used in the Milestone Gant chart.




5. Click Save. You can then add tasks to the template.



To Add a Task to a Template


1. Click Opener, then Manage Templates.


2. On the Store Opener Template window, click the template you want to add tasks to from the list.




3. When the template opens, click the Tasks tab.




4. Click Add New Task.




5. On the Opener Template Task window, select a category, then enter a name and description for the task.


6. Enter the task’s due date, which may be any number of days or months before or after the store opening. For example, if the task must be completed within a month before the store opening, enter either 30 days or one month before the store opening.


7. Click Assigned To, then choose the team member you want to assign to the task from the list.




8. Click Continue to save the task and close the Opener Template Task window. On the Store Opener Template window, the task you just added appears on the grid under the Tasks tab.




9. To add more tasks to the template, repeat steps 4-8 above.


NOTE: FZM has a Task Module that you can use for adding general tasks. The Add Task function in the Opener Module is specific to tasks related to store openings, these are called Opener Tasks. As a guide most franchise system have between 100-150 tasks in a template, and 4-7 milestones.