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Please note that FranchiZeTrainer comes with two different types of quiz:

1. Simple Quiz. This is an easy way to quickly create a quiz, but it is more limited in it’s options.


2. Advanced Quiz. This provides significantly more quiz options and better reporting. We advise in most instances that you use Advanced Quiz for your testing needs.

Note that an Advanced Quiz after it’s created needs to be ‘embedded’ in a Simple Quiz. So even if you only use Advanced Quizzes you will still have simple quizzes.


Advanced Quiz offers more types of questions including:


    • Single Choice Question Example
      The single choice question is a classic: many options, yet only one correct answer.


    • Multiple Choice Question Example
      The multiple choice question has many correct answer choices.


    • Free Text Choice Question Example
      The free text question enables the user to type the answer. There may be one, or many possible answers, depending on your preference.


    • Sorting Choice Question Example
      The sorting question type requires the user to specify an order of items.


    • Matrix Choice Question Example
      The matrix question enables the user to match different elements with specified criteria.


    • Fill-in-the-Blank Question Example
      The fill-in-the-blank question enables the user to fill answers within text or equations.


    • Survey Question Example
      The survey quiz allows you to poll users and display response specific message.



How to Create an Advanced Quiz:


1.  Go to Advanced Quiz > Add Quiz


2.  Enter a quiz title.


3.  Scroll down and select a Quiz-Mode.


4.  Enter a Quiz description which will appear before the user starts taking the quiz.


5.  Save and click Back to Overview.


6.  Under the new Quiz title, select Questions > Add Question.


7.  Enter the question.


8.  Select an answer type.


9.  Enter the potential answers and mark the right answer as correct.


10. Save and click Back to Overview > Back to Overview.



Assigning the Advanced Quiz: (mandatory)


This step is mandatory to use your Advanced Quiz within the system. You need to create a Simple Quiz and then connect it to the Advanced Quiz you created above.


1.  Go to Quizzes > Add New


2.  Enter a quiz title.


3.  Enter a Quiz description which will appear before the user starts taking the quiz (Optional).


4.  Scroll to the Quizzes meta-box


    • Repeats – Enter repeat attempts allowed for the quiz.


    • Certificate Threshold – Enter the percentage (between 0 and 1) that a user must obtain to get a certificate, i.e. “0.8?. If you do not want to award a certificate, set the threshold to “1.1?.


    • Passing Percentage – Enter the score a user must obtain in order to pass the quiz and mark it complete.


    • Associated Lesson – If the quiz is a “Lesson Quiz”, assign the quiz to the desired lesson. If not assigned, it will be a final quiz for the course.


    • Associated Certificate – Select the certificate that a user can obtain after successfully meeting the Certificate Threshold.


    • Advanced Quiz – Select an advanced quiz and it will be used in place of the simple quiz.


5.  Select an associated course under Manage Course Associations.


6.  Click Publish.


Note there are many options for an Advanced Quiz and they differ for each question type. There is a good explanation of each option on the site, and as always it is recommended you trial an option to see if it is what you require.