Creating an Opener

Creating an Opener

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Creating an Opener


After creating a Store Opener template, you can proceed to creating an Opener record for your store opening project.


An Opener allows you to track the tasks for the store opening to completion, making it easier for you to manage store openings. With an Opener, each store opening is treated as a project, making it easy for your team members to know their assigned tasks, and when they are behind or ahead of schedule. Tasks under an Opener can easily be viewed on FZM, saved to PDF, exported to .xls, and even printed out. You can check the status of your store opening project at any time using the Opener record.



To Create an Opener from a Template


1. Click Opener, then Create Opener from Template.




2. A message asking you to confirm the operation is displayed on your screen. Click Yes to continue with the operation.




3. Check the box to the left of the template you want to use for your Opener, then click Continue to create the Opener record. Depending on the number of tasks in the selected template, this process may take a while, as it recreates those tasks in the Opener record.



4. Once the Opener is created, the Store Opener window opens. In Fig. 13, the Opener window shows the following:


A. The record number, which is automatically generated.


B. The status, which is set to Open.


C. The store or franchise, which you have to select from the list. The names on this list have previously been set up in FZM’s Franchisees module.


D. The franchisee name, which is automatically displayed based on your selected store or franchise.


E. The open date, which you have to select from the calendar. The open date refers to the store’s opening date. This field is very important as it set the Due Dates for all the tasks. Note after you select the date you must hit save for the task due dates to be updated.


NOTE: Due dates for the tasks in the Opener are derived from the open date. For example, if the open date is June 1, 2016, then the due date for a task set 30 days before the store opening is May 1, 2016.


F. The assigned team member, which you have to select from the list. This would be the project manager of this store opening.


G. The key statistics, which show the percentage of Open, Overdue and Complete tasks in a chart.


H. The key milestones, which are the major tasks in the Opener. The Start and End Dates are editable fields, if you click on the cell in the panel you can use the date selector to set the Start and End date for each milestone.




NOTE: The Opener’s key statistics are a count of the number of tasks in the Opener as follows: Closed refers to the count of tasks that have a status of Closed. Overdue refers to the count of tasks that have a Status of Open AND the current date is after the date due, indicating that the task should have been completed now but it is still Open. Open refers to the count of tasks with a status of Open AND the due date is after the current date, indicating that the task is due sometime in the future.


With the Opener created, you can now utilize the Opener record to manage your store opening.



To Add a Note to an Opener


1. With the Opener record open, click Add Note. This is useful to store generic notes/comments about the Opener.




2. On the Note window, enter a subject for the note, then the note itself.




3. Click Save.


4. On the Store Opener window, click the Notes tab to see the notes added to the Opener. The Notes tab has a number indicated above referring to the number of notes on the Opener.


To add more notes to the Opener, repeat steps 1-3 above.





To Add a Task to an Opener


Although it is recommended that tasks be added to templates and not directly to an Opener record, you may still add a task to an Opener. This is particularly useful for one-off tasks that may not apply to other store openings.


1. Click Add Task to open a Store Opener Task window. FZM automatically assigns a task number to the task. The franchise or store name and the store opening date are taken from the Opener record and displayed on the window as well.


2. Click Assigned To, then choose the team member you want to assign to the task from the list.


3. Select a category, then enter a name and description for the task.


4. Enter the task’s due date, which may be any number of days or months before or after the store opening. For example, if the task must be completed within a month before the store opening, enter either 30 days or one month before the store opening.


5. If you want to attach files to the task, either click Select files or drag the files to the area marked Drop files to upload.


6. Click Save. The task is added to the Opener’s tasks, which you can view under the All Tasks tab on the Opener record.



To Delete a Task from an Opener


Tasks can be deleted from an Opener in case they are not needed. You normally delete a task right after creating the Opener since you will know if it is not needed or not right from the start.


1. Search for the you want to delete from the All Tasks tab.


2. Click to open the task.


3. Click the Delete button to delete the task from the Opener.




4. Click Save to confirm your changes to the record.



To View the Tasks in an Opener


To view all tasks in an Opener, click the All Tasks tab on the Store Opener window.  Overdue tasks, when viewed from the All Tasks tab, are highlighted in red.




To view all tasks due at the end of the current week, click the Due This Week tab.




To view all overdue tasks, click the Overdue tab.