Enquiries Module

Enquiries Module

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


The Enquiries module is found under the Recruitment menu in the top bar.


The Enquiries module should be used to capture ALL leads/enquiries made by people who are interested in becoming a franchisee. Most of the information captured here is basic contact information such as name, address, phone number, email address.


In addition users should try to capture information about where the enquiry came from, for example a Franchising Expo, the company website, or an online franchise directory or consultant. This information can be useful to collect and analyse over time as it can provide information to marketers about what type of marketing campaigns have been most successful in attracting new leads.


TIP: We can customise FZM to have leads automatically load into the system from sources such as:


    • your website i.e. the “become a franchisee” form


    • the Franchise Council’s directory: www.franchisebusiness.com.au


    • Independent directory sites such as www.whichfranchise.net.au


    • Other online directories



Also, if you use recruitment consultants we can also provide them with limited access to FZM where they can only view the recruitment modules and the entries they have made.


Understanding the work-flow of Enquiries


The process of working on an Enquiry will usually involve providing information to the lead, obtaining information from the lead and activities such as telephone calls and emails. The initial purpose of these interactions is to determine if the lead is of good quality and should be considered a recruitment candidate. As you work the lead you will change the Status of the lead.


Enquiries have the following Status:


    • New:  when an enquiry is first created it will have a status of ‘New’ – this status is particularly useful where leads are loaded by other people or automatically from other websites as it allows you to see the new Enquiries that haven’t yet been actioned.


    • Work In Progress:  if you are working on an enquiry you can change the status to Work In Progress. This status is useful if you are awaiting a lead to return a phone call or answer an email.


    • Converted:  this indicates that the enquiry has been “converted” into a Candidate (see below).


    • Dead:  this indicates the enquiry has been qualified and deemed not appropriate.



TIP: A common recruitment task is to send emails and information documents regarding your franchise business to the lead. FZM can add template emails to this module to allow users to quickly send a templated email response to leads. An unlimited number of template emails can be added and they can utilise smart tags to merge data such as names from the enquiry form into the template email.


Converting an Enquiry to a Candidate


Having spoken and/or emailed with the lead, if you deem him/her to be worthwhile then it is “converted” to a Candidate using the Convert To Candidate button at the top of the Enquiry form. Using this button will:


    • change the status of the Enquiry to “Converted”


    • create a new Candidate record and copy across key fields such as the name, address etc to save re-keying information.