Enter Franchise Data

Enter Franchise Data

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


The first place to start is to enter your data into FranchiZeManager, you should start with your Franchisee data as the Franchisee records are related to many other items in the system. Therefore having Franchisees entered first will assist you with other data entry.


To add a new Franchisee click Franchisees > Add New Franchisee. You will be presented with an empty form and you can start filling in the required data. Note the recommended naming format as shown below:




“Franchise Name” (or sometimes called “Store Name” or “Company Name”) is how you refer to the franchisee – it is the typically the area/territory e.g. “Balmain” or occasionally the business name (for service businesses).


“Franchisee Name” is the name of the person/s who holds the franchise, for example “Rodney Boyd”.


As soon as you Create/Save a record the updated information becomes immediately available to all other users of the system. For a description of the Franchisee module see the section below.