Franchise Types

Franchise Types

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


Dealing With Company Owned Outlets


Many franchisors run company owned outlets as well as franchised outlets.  In this situation it is recommend you make an entry for each company owned outlet in the Franchisee module and simply change the Type field to Company Owned.  This is important if you are using modules like the Scorecard benchmarking module as you will need a franchisee record (for the company store) to enter KPI data against for reporting purposes.





Dealing with Multiple Outlet Owners


If you have a franchisee that owns multiple outlets or stores we recommend you create an entry in the Franchisee module for each store and simply enter the same name in the Franchisee Name field.  This makes it easier to manage items such as field visit notes, warning letters, benchmark figures in ScoreCard etc since this data typically relates to a store.  Also this makes it easier for situations where there is a store manager in an outlet and you may want to provide them with a “Franchisee” access level login to FranchiZeManager.  Finally it “future proofs” your installation in the situation where a store may be sold or closed.