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HatchitMail is a fully-featured mass email marketing application. It is similar to MailChimp or Campaign Monitor in its functionality. You can manage your email campaigns, lists, create/modify templates, track opens/clicks/bounces on your campaigns.


When considering HatchitMail it’s important to understand the different types of email that can be sent with FranchiZeManager (FZM) and HatchitMail (HM). Each has a different purpose and different use:



Transactional Email & FZM:


FZM is designed to send large volumes of transactional emails. A transactional email is from one individual (eg the user) and sent to one recipient – they are not sent to multiple recipients. These emails usually contain personalised information, with the FROM address being the sender (ie user). FZM sends many of these emails directly, and has an inbuilt templating system accessed from the “Email Templates” menu to assist you. Usually these emails will have a simple text body and can be set-up with a designed/branded HTML footer. FZM does not track opens/clicks for transactional emails.



Mass Emails & HatchitMail:


HatchitMail is designed to send high volumes of mass emails, where one person sends an email to many recipients at the one time. The recipients are organised into Lists and you can segment and send to a smaller section of a list. Usually you maintain HTML email templates that are used to create campaigns and send the emails. You can have multiple templates for different uses; such as Newsletters to staff and franchise partners, and Product Announcements to customers, etc. Email campaigns are usually highly branded and contain a lot of HTML/pictures etc. Furthermore, HM allows you track opens/click/bounces at both a campaign and individual email level.



Why are they different systems?


Transactional email (in FZM) and mass marketing email (in HM) have different purposes and require different systems to effectively manage them. Mass email marketing is more likely to be marked as spam and sending reputation, blacklist avoidance and abuse & anti-spam laws are an important consideration that require unique management methods. For this reason the systems are segregated, they run from different servers, with different IP addresses, etc.



How do FZM and HM work together?


HM, as with most mass email systems, uses the concept of Lists of recipients to send campaigns to. In HM you can manually create and import as you normally would but in addition you have the option to auto-sync lists of people that you have stored in FZM, usually this may include FZM modules such as:


    • Staff members (under the Directory menu in FZM)


    • Franchise Partners / Directors (under the Directory menu in FZM)


    • Stores (under the Franchisee menu in FZM)


    • FZM users (under the User Management menu in FZM)


    • Enquiries & Candidates (under the Recruitment menu in FZM)


    • Customers (under the Customers menu in FZM)



Hatchit Support can set-up HM so any list will auto-sync between FZM and HM. This is a customisation and done at standard hourly rates. This means there is no need to import/export lists between systems. Also, stats relating to opens/clicks/bounces to recipients can be pulled back to FZM to allow you to see what communications have been sent and read from right within FZM.



Please ask for the full HatchitMail User Guide for instructions on how to use this system.