Recruitment In Practice

Recruitment In Practice

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In real life the FZM system would be used like this:


1.  Any Enquiry (from any source) should be logged in the system as an Enquiry. One of the main benefits of logging all Enquiries is to measure your marketing efforts. This can be particularly useful if you capture the source of the enquiry and can therefore measure the ROI on your marketing spend. You have a few different options for how they get in there:


    • manually enter it in the system using Add New Enquiry


    • set-up an auto-load form from your website, or from any directory website



2.  You will then need to qualify the Enquiry in some way, usually a phone call or an email conversation. The purpose is to determine if they are a real enquiry with real potential to become a franchisee. At this stage you have 3 options:


    • they seem good so you “Convert to Candidate” by hitting the button on the top of the Enquiry form. This will copy the key details across to a new Candidate record and set the Enquiry status to ‘Converted’


    • they are not a quality enquiry, so you set the Status as ‘Dead’. You may also tick “Do not call” if you don’t wish to contact the Enquiry again in the future.


    • in the situation where you couldn’t make contact with the Enquiry, perhaps you left a message or are waiting for an email reply, then you change change the status to “WIP – Work in Progress” – this will help you manage your work and quickly find them again


3.  You should aim to quickly work through your Enquiries list. Moving the good ones to Candidates or marking them Dead.


4.  Candidates now work through your Recruitment Stages that you have set up in the system. As a Candidate progresses you mark the stage complete by entering the date that they completed the stage. During this process you will do actions like interviews, phone discussions, emails, document gathering,  psychological profiling (such as The FranchiZe Profile) etc. All these actions should be recorded against the Candidate record in the system.


5.  If you are using the FZM Online Applications module, you can send the Candidate an Invitation to complete their application form online, you do this on the ‘Online Applications’ tab (of the Candidate form) by hitting the button ‘Send/Resend Online Application Invite’ – you will typically do this quite soon after converting the candidate


6.  If you are using The FranchiZe Profile then typically you will send the the candidate an invitation about 70% of the way through your recruitment process. This should be set up as a Recruitment Stage in your system.


7.  Candidates will remain a candidate until an ‘outcome’ has been reached. That outcome is typically 1 of 3 options:


    • Appointed as a franchisee


    • Declined by us – meaning that we have decided not to appoint the candidate as a franchisee


    • Declined by candidate – meaning that the candidate has decided not to proceed with the application


8.  At this stage the Candidate module is finished and all tasks and processes related to Store Opening and on-boarding the new franchisee are handled by the Opener module.


9.  When the store opens the Franchisee module manages the lifecycle of the franchisee through as many terms as they may have with you.