HR Module Intro

HR Module Intro

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


The HR module is a light weight module to deal with managing staff and contractors that typically work at the National Support Office i.e. for the Franchisor.


The module will allow you to record, track and manage the following items (per employee):


    • store name, address and contact/background details of employees and contractor


    • upload a photo


    • store information relating to recruitment, such as resumes, referrals source of hire etc.


    • record current compensation details


    • maintain an employment history of positions, compensation levels etc.


    • record education and training details


    • for contractors record insurance, workcover and other company details


    • record staff leave and manage approvals


    • upload notes, and documents and emails


    • send template emails


This module is typically useful for franchisors with less than 30 staff members working. Clients with over 30 staff will typically benefit from a dedicated HR system that integrates with Payroll and your accounting system.


Note that the HR module is intended to hold employee/contractor details for staff working at the Franchisor (not the Franchisee’s staff members). For Franchisee staff members there is a separate module called Staff that is accessed under the Directory menu, you can read more about the Staff module here.