Using the Opener Module

Using the Opener Module

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The Opener Module helps you manage openings of new franchise outlets. Here, you define tasks commonly associated with a store opening, assign these tasks to specific people in your team, and set due dates for these tasks before and after the store opening date. Some examples of tasks before a store opening include registering the business name, opening bank accounts, fit-out, and training store personnel. Tasks that may happen after store opening include post-opening reviews, marketing campaigns and reviewing furniture layout.


Normally, you create tasks in a template so that you don’t have to define them again every time you schedule a new store for opening. However, you can add – or remove – tasks to a new store opening project, or Opener, at any time.  


If you have different types of franchise outlets, e.g. kiosk, high-street, and shopping center, you may want to define separate templates for each, as each store type may require different tasks. The same thing may apply when you have different brands in your network or different geographic locations, where the tasks may be the same but the assignee will differ.