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The Staff module is accessed under the Directory menu on the top menu bar.  This module will hold details on the Staff that work for Franchisees (and Company Owned stores).


The module will allow you to record, track and manage the following items (per staff member):


    • store name, address and contact details, including Birthdays


    • record start and end dates and roles held within the franchisee


    • record the franchisee they are working for


    • store notes against the record


    • store any related Customer Complaints/Feedback (if using the Feedback module)


    • provide access to the Training Programmes and Events (if using the Training Events module) including viewing Event invitations and acceptances/declines plus recording


    • provide access to the FranchiZeTrainer online training system (if using the system – see including viewing Courses completed and sending reminders etc.



Note that this module is typically used with Franchisee access to FZM enabled. This way the Franchisee becomes responsible for maintaining their directory of Staff members, removing the burden from National Support Office (i.e. the Franchisor). In FZM a few Staff Entry/Exit forms are created to allow Franchisees to self manage the staff members.



Why record Franchisee Staff member details in FZM?


There are many reasons why a Franchisor may wish to keep their own directory of Staff members working at the Franchisee, for example:


    • Maintaining a current directory allows the Franchisor to open a direct line of communication with their front-line staff. This is usually accomplished by a regular email or a newsletter. It can also be used to deliver incentive schemes and awards to staff members.


    • In order to track and record on-going professional development. Some FZM clients operate in Financial Services, Professional Services or Healthcare where on-going training is an industry requirement. This module is easily adapted to measure and track this mandatory training requirement.


    • To provision other equipment and tools such as email addresses or uniforms for Staff members.



    • To send invitation to training events organised by the National Support Office.