Managing Opener Tasks

Managing Opener Tasks

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Managing Opener Tasks


When we create an Opener from a Store Opening template, the tasks attached to the template are also created in the Opener (see To Create an Opener from a Template) . We can also add a task directly to the Opener (see To Add a Task to an Opener) . We will now tackle the operations we can perform on specific tasks in an Opener.


To View a Task’s Details


1. Search for the Opener or the Opener task (see To Search for an Opener and To Search for an Opener Task).


2. Select the task from the list, then click the right arrow on the rightmost column to open the task in a separate tab.




From here, you can add a comment to the task, add attachments to the task, download or delete attachments from the task, adjust the due date for the task, mark the task as complete, and send notifications about the task to specific members of your team.



To Add a Comment to a Task


In case a task is overdue, you may want to add a comment that gives the reasons for the delay and/or the steps that need to be done for it to start moving forward again.


1. On the Task Details tab, click Add Comment.




2. Enter your comment, then click Post New Comment.




On the Task Details tab, the comments are now added to the task.



To Attach a File to a Task


Tasks can contain file attachments. You can add any number of files to a task.


On the Task Details tab, click Select files, choose the file to add to the task, then click Open to start uploading the file. Once the file is uploaded, you will see it added to the Attachments box.





To Download a File Attachment from a Task


If a task contains a file attachment, you can download it by clicking the file, then saving it to your local drive when asked.





To Delete a File Attachment from a Task


You can delete a file attachment by clicking the rightmost X icon. When ask to confirm file deletion, click Yes.




Warning! Deleting a file attachment will permanently erase it from FZM. Make sure you have a copy of the file in case you have to use it again in the future.
To Adjust a Task’s Due Date


You can adjust the due date for a task at any time by entering the task’s new due date, which may be any number of days or months before or after the store opening.


To Mark a Task as Complete


As soon as team members finish tasks assigned to them, they must tag the tasks as Complete. This ensures that the Opener record‘s key statistics, which shows the Opener’s status at a glance, are updated.


1. Search for the task that you want to mark as Complete from the All Tasks tab. If you know that the task is due for completion at the current week or is already overdue, you can search for it from the Due This Week or Overdue tabs, whichever is applicable.


2. Click the Mark Complete button. The task marked as completed becomes highlighted in gray.





To Send a Notification about a Task


Notifications about tasks can also be sent to specific team members, and are essentially the same as the notifications for an Opener.  For instructions on sending a notification about a task, see To Send a Notification about an Opener.