Managing Users

Managing Users

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


Adding A New User


To add more users simply click Admin > User Management > Add New User (note this option is only available for users who have the “Franchisor_Admin” access level).


You must complete all the details on the form. If you select the Access Level as franchisee then you must also select what franchisee the user is related to (therefore you must have created the franchisee in the system first).




Note that the Login Name (or username) must be unique – the system will check to ensure this. We recommend you use a person’s First and Last name combined as a username as it makes it easier to maintain. Login names can also not be changed once they are entered, so we recommend developing a login name protocol and sticking with it. For example “RodneyBoyd” or “RBoyd” or “RodneyB”. Usernames are NOT case sensitive, but passwords are.



Viewing / Editing Users


To view users of the system, and edit a single user, click Admin > User Management > Search Users. Note this option is only available for users who have the “Franchisor_Admin” access level.




A list of users, sorted by their access level, will be displayed. You can further filter the list of users by searching by variables in the top search box. When you find the user you wish to edit just click on the row or the View icon.



Removing (deleting) Users


In FranchiZeManager you never completely delete a User instead you make the user “Inactive” and therefore prevent them from accessing the system. This means that there is always a full history of users stored within the system and it prevents “orphan” records (records with no owner) being created in the system.


To make a user inactive, first find and edit the user record using Admin > User Management > Search Users and then uncheck the User is active? tick box and click Save.