Online Application Module

Online Application Module

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The on-line application module is designed to remove all paper from your new franchisee application process. Using this module you can:


    • invite candidates to complete their application online


    • send the candidate an email to login to the system


    • customise your online application form to have as many questions in any format you wish


    • track how often and how long a candidate logs into the application site


    • set up notifications and reminders for when a candidate submits an online application



Understanding On-line Applications


The on-line application is just an extension of the Candidates module. It’s similar to how you may ask a candidate to complete a paper application form, however instead you send them an invitation to the system and they can complete their application on-line.


It is helpful to understand that by sending an invitation you are actually allowing the Candidate to access your system in a very restricted manner. So any Candidates are essentially provided with a login username and password, and will appear with a certain access level called ‘On-line Application’ on your user list.



How to Send An Invitation


To send an invite to a Candidate:


1.  Open the Candidate record (Franchisee > Recruitment > Search Candidates)


2.  Click on the Online Application tab


3.  Click on the button “Send / Resend Online Application Invite” and you will be asked to confirm (or change) the Candidates email address


4.  The system will create a user account for this candidate (with a username and password allocated automatically) and email the invitation to the Candidate


5.  The Candidate can now login and complete the application. At any time they can print a PDF of their application for their records.


6.  When the Candidate has completed the application they hit the button “Submit This Application”. You will be notified by email when a Candidate submits an application.



The standard application consists of 10 steps (pages). The Candidate can save their work as they complete the application and login/logout over as many sessions as they need to complete the application. This is useful because franchise application forms typically require a lot of information (such as referees and financial data) and Candidates will usually have to source information from their advisers and the like.


You can view the number of times a Candidate has logged into the the system and also how long they spent in the system on the Online Application tab of the Candidate record.


You can customise the application to suit your particular franchise system. Add, change or subtract questions to suit your needs. Just email the list of your changes to Hatchit Support and we will send you a Systems Change Quote.


How to Review a Completed Application


To view the completed (or even a non submitted application) simply click on the button “View Online Application Form”. From here you can see each of their answers in each of the steps. You can also print a PDF of the online application form.



How to Send An Application Reminder


If you have sent a Candidate an application and they haven’t submitted it, you can quickly send them a reminder email by clicking on the “Send Application Reminder” button. This will send a friendly reminder to the Candidate with their login details again.



How to Deactivate a Candidate


After the Candidate submits their application the system will automatically deactivate their user login. This prevents the user from logging into the system again and changing any of their application details. However in some situations you may wish to allow a Candidate to re-access their application form, for example they may not have provided enough information or some questions may have been missed or incomplete. To re-allow access simply click the button “Activate / Deactivate Candidate Login”. You will note the indicators on the Candidate record change, you can now resend the invitation or reminder.



Before you start using this module it is recommended you enter yourself as Candidate and complete an on-line application yourself. This is the best way of seeing how the on-line application module works in action, from both the Candidates point of view, and also your own. If you are thinking of undertaking any changes to the form, or the process, you should complete an application first.