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Pre-requisites for using FranchiZeManager are:


    • A modern Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer V10+


    • Please note that any version of MS Internet Explorer less than V10 is NOT supported.


    • A PDF reader is required to open many of the PDF generated reports. Most modern web browsers today have inbuilt plug-ins that allow you to read these documents. If not, you can download the free Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.


    • If you are using MS Internet Explorer and experience a problems when downloading files from FranchiZeManager then please ensure you always “Save As…” when downloading. If you are not given this option then check these settings: Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab>Custom level button and change ‘Downloads/Automatic prompting for file downloads’ from Disable to Enable.


    • FranchiZeManager system is a web based or “cloud” system. You must have an active internet connection to use the system.


We strongly suggest you use either Google Chrome or Safari as your browser. FranchiZeManager will be faster and display better when using one of these browsers compared to MS Internet Explorer.