Recruitment Intro

Recruitment Intro

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The recruitment area of FranchiZeManager (FZM) is designed to manage your recruitment of new franchisees. It will assist you to manage a prospect/lead from first contact all the way through the recruitment process until they become a Franchisee.


FZM (as with many CRM systems) has the dual concept of Enquiries (Leads) and Candidates (Opportunities).They are kept as separate items of information, even though they may sound similar. The distinction between them is that an Enquiry (lead) is a person’s name, and/or company name, which has come to you in a way such that you cannot be certain they are truly interested, or satisfy your requirements, to become a franchisee. That is, they are not yet “qualified”.


A Candidate (opportunity) is what a lead becomes once you have been in touch with the person and confirmed that they do have a genuine and qualified interest in becoming a franchisee. Therefore the Enquiries module allows you to capture the information and store it before it becomes a Candidate.


In summary:


    • Enquiries module:  this module is the first place where leads/enquiries are stored in FZM. This module should be used to capture ALL leads, regardless of if they are good quality or poor they should be captured in this module.


    • Candidates module:  when a lead (or Enquiry) gets qualified as being of value (i.e. decent quality) it gets ‘converted’ to a Candidate. The candidate module manages the candidate through the recruitment process.