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Reminders help prompt you to do something. They will send an email to the specified person with the reminder memo included. Reminders can be set on Franchisee and Lease records. They are typically set to remind you to about important issues like Franchise Agreement renewals, Franchise Agreement option dates, Lease renewals and option dates.



Reminders can be set for any user of the system and you can set multiple reminders. Here are some usage tips about reminders:


    • A reminder is set from the top of the Franchise or Lease form by hitting the alarm button reminders and completing the details in the pop-up


    • From the top of the form you can click the View Reminders button to view all reminders set for that particular Franchise or Lease


    • You can access ALL reminders in the system from the main menu Reminders > View Reminders. Note that in this view you can edit the date of the reminders and the memo’s by clicking in the cell.


    • On the date of the reminder an email will be sent to the person nominated in the drop down. An email will continue to be sent every day until the Reminder is Archived.


    • To archive an email just right click on the reminder and select Archive.