Searching for Opener Tasks

Searching for Opener Tasks

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Searching for Opener Tasks


There is also a search function for Opener tasks. This is particularly useful when you want to know how many tasks a certain team member has or has not completed. This search works across all Openers so you could quickly answer questions like ‘What are all the Opener Tasks assigned to me, across all store openings, that have a status of Open?


To Search for an Opener Task


1. Click Opener, then Search Opener Tasks.


2. On the Search Opener Tasks window, you may search for the task using any of the following parameters:


a. Category


b. Status


c. Task Name


d. Assignee


3. Click Search. The records that meet your search criteria are then displayed on the grid at the bottom of the Search Opener Tasks window. The due dates for the tasks are also displayed on the grid.




TIP: To search for all tasks, regardless of status, that have been assigned to a team member, just enter the team member’s name, then leave all other criteria blank.