Searching for Store Openings

Searching for Store Openings

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Searching for Store Openings


Openers, even when completed, are still retained in FZM so there is a record keep. Also, you may have several, or even many, ongoing Openers at the same time. To ease searching for specific Openers regardless of status, FZM includes a Search Opener function.


To Search for an Opener


1. Click Opener, then Search Store Openings.


2. On the Search Store Opener window, you may search for the Opener using any of the following parameters:


a. Opener Number


b. Open Date


c. Franchise / Store Name


d. Status


3. Click Search. The records that meet your search criteria are then displayed on the grid at the bottom of the Search Store Opener window. Records with Open status are un-highlighted while those with Completed status are highlighted in grey. The name of the team member assigned to the Opener, i.e the project manager,  is also displayed on the grid.