Staff Leave Manager

Staff Leave Manager

Applicable accounts: ‘Regular’ Account   ‘Enterprise’ Account


This small module is used to manage staff leave within your company.


It’s features are:


    • Allow staff to submit a leave request on-line


    • On submission the staff member’s manager gets notified by email


    • The manager can log in and view Leave Requests and either Approve or Decline the request


    • When approved/declined the staff member is notified of the decision


    • If it was approved the Leave Calendar is updated to show the staff member is away



How It Works


    • Each user in the FZM system has a “Reports to:” field on their user record. It is important that this field is completed for any staff member that will be using the leave manager. This is the person that must approve/decline the staff member’s leave requests


    • Leave manager is accessed under the Admin > Leave Manager menu


    • The menu has the following options:


    • Submit Leave Request: used by all staff to submit a leave request to their manager.


    • My Leave Requests:  used to view leave requests that the Staff member has submitted i.e. their own leave requests


    • View My Staff’s Leave Requests: used by managers to view leave requests that staff have submitted to them. When you need to approve/decline leave you will access the requests here.


    • View All Leave (Admin):  only the HR manager can view this item, it is used to manage all leave requests


    • Leave Calendar: this shows a calendar view of staff that are on leave. Note it can be adjusted to show a day, week or monthly view. It can also be resized by dragging the right and bottom corners.



Understanding Leave Status’s


    • When a leave form is first created it has a status of DRAFT


    • When it is submitted it has a status of PENDING – all pending approvals require action from the manager to either Approve or Decline the leave request


    • The status is then updated to either APPROVED or DECLINED – at this stage no further action is required