Using the Field Visits Module

Using the Field Visits Module

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The Field Visits Module empowers your area or territory managers with a set of powerful tools to more efficiently arrange and run a schedule of visits, record discussion notes, as well as set up and track agreed action items resulting from the visits. When used with our Franchisee module, your area or territory managers will have easy access to the entire history of interaction between your franchise support office and the franchisee, allowing for ample, efficient preparation prior to the actual field visit.


Using the Field Visits Module, your area or territory managers can set up and view field visit calendars, record notes and standardize checklists for evaluation purposes, document agreed action items for future tracking, send copies of your field visit notes to franchisees, and notify their supervisors of issues concerning your franchisees.


Creating a Field Visit Template


Before scheduling a new field visit to a franchisee, you need to create a field visit template containing the items for evaluating your franchisees during actual field visits.
To Create a Field Visit Template


1. On the main FZM page, click Franchisee Field Visits, then Manage Templates.


Fig. 1. Click Franchisee Field Visits, then Manage Templates


2. On the Field Visits Template tab, click Create Template


Fig. 2. Click Create Template


3. On the Visit Template window, under the Template Details tab, enter a name and a description (optional) for the template.


Fig. 3. Enter a name and description, then click the Evaluation tab


4. Still on the Visit Template window, click the Evaluationtab, then click Add Item.


Fig. 4. Click Add Item, then enter Rank, Category, Item, and Points


5. Enter the rank, category, item and points lost for the item.


    • The Rank sets the Order in which the evaluation item will be displayed on the Field Visit form (Evaluation tab). You can enter decimal places herel to accommodate items that are added at a later date.



    • The Points Lost are the number of points that will be deducted from the total score if the franchisee fails the evaluation item.


6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the evaluation items have been added.


7. Click the Save button.



To Add a Category for a Field Visit Template


1. On the main FZM page, click Admin, then My FZM Settings.



Figure 5. Click My FZM Settings


2. On the FZM Settings window, click the Field Visit Tab.


3. Click Add New.


Figure 6. Adding Categories for Use with a Field Visit Template


4. Enter the category name then click Save.


5. Repeat step 4 until all categories have been added.


6. Click the Save button.