Email Archiving

This module will allow you to send a copy of an email to FranchiZeManager to storeĀ a record of it. The email can be associated with a specific record within the system. Simply forward, or CC or BCC, your email to your own FranchiZeManager mailbox toĀ ‘archive’ a copy of the email to FranchiZeManager.Ā Many important conversations, between your staff, franchisees and other stakeholders, still occur by email. This featureĀ provides you a simple way to keep a copy of those emails on your franchise manage system alongside your other data – to build a true history of all contact.



Standard Features


  • No plugins orĀ installerĀ needed.
  • You get a dedicated email address for archiving.
  • Simply forward, CC or BCC, any email to your mailbox to archive it, the system will match it automatically to related records.
  • Archive attachments as well as the full email body and subject.
  • All archived emails become keyword searchable.
  • Archive against Franchisees, Contacts, Staff, Enquiries or Candidates.



Optional Extras


  • Extend to allow archiving against any other module of the system, for example Customers, HR, Staff etc.