Enquiries Autoload

The FZM Enquiries module is used to manage people who are making enquiries about becoming a franchisee. For most franchisors these enquiries will originate from a form on your website, or other 3rd party website forms, or franchise opportunity directories or commercial advertisement sites.


You can set-up these such enquiries to ‘auto-load’ into your FZM Enquiries module. Thereby saving you having to manually enter/type the details into the FZM system. This document explains how this can be achieved. You have three different options for auto-loading, the best choice for you will depend on your situation, if you are unsure then please contact FZM Support for a quick discussion.


The different options to auto-load are outlined in the table below:


Method Description
A Restful API This method involves your form doing POST request with a JSON payload to our API.
B Hatchit Form Embedding This method involves Hatchit replicating your enquiry form and you embedding the form on your website. Hatchit will match the styling of the form exactly to your website’s look and feel.
C Email Parsing This method involves forwarding the submission email to an email address we provide you, ideally the email will provide text in the body in a predefined format and FZM will ‘parse’ this content to create the Enquiry.


Note that each method has it’s pros and cons, but generally speaking method A & B provide the most reliable results.  However, all methods work perfectly well and we have many instances of each type working successfully for many years.


Here is a more detailed description of each method.