Franchise Royalties

Calculating franchise fees and royalties is a time consuming job. It requires multiple data sources, such as; sales amounts, tiers, special conditions and often a separate calculation for each franchise. Of course it’s important – your revenue depends on it – and it also must be done consistently, month after month. It’s a process that begs for FranchiZeManager automation.


FranchiZeManager can calculate, and automate, just about any franchisee fee structure you can imagine. We’ve seen and done them all… banded percentages, fixed fees, tiered structures, grace periods, scaling percents. Once we get your data you just need to click and button and let FZM do the heavy lifting. We will generate a Royalty/Fee Statement for each franchisee and then a corresponding Invoice which will be sent to the franchisee. You can then export your invoices to your finance system and sit back and relax.



Standard Features:


  • Generate a periodic franchise royalty statement
  • Generate an invoice to the franchisee
  • Send the invoice and statement to the franchisee by email
  • Any franchisee structure you require
  • Export your fee invoices to your accounting/finance system



Optional Extras:


  • Customise the fees, the royalty statement and invoices to match your requirements
  • Use an API to have the your invoices automatically go into your accounting/finance system
  • Create bank files or use our Direct Debit processing platform