Franchisee CRM

When you’re a Franchisor, it feels like the amount of paperwork, from forms to agreements, applications, operations and financial data, compliance documents, field planning information and so much more is never ending.  And the more units you add to your network, the more this gets multiplied. Because a good Franchisor knows that you’re not just running one business, your success is dependent upon the success of each and every franchisee in your system.  Trying to piece together spreadsheets and different systems to manage this mountain of critical information, not to mention properly address the new leads coming in, is not only inefficient, but ineffective. Plus there are so many important dates to remember, including agreement renewals, regulatory filings, field manager schedules, lead follow ups and countless others that can cripple your business if overlooked.


Create Company-Wide Transparency

Additionally, a growing organization needs needs transparency across all departments. From finance to operations to property management to HR, your team needs the ability to proactively execute their responsibilities.


The Brains of Your Organization

The Franchise CRM module is your solution – acting as the brain of the organization keeping everything organized from the moment you make contact with a prospective franchisee through as many terms as they stay. Gain the freedom and efficiency to manage your business, not let it manage you. Every piece of data is at your fingertips – completely searchable from any device so that the information you and your staff need is available the moment you need it, wherever you are. Built-in automation ensures you never miss an important date or follow up. Your staff will love reducing the administrative chores so they can do their jobs more successfully.

Included Franchisee CRM Benefits


  • Accurately record and maintain all your franchisee details; names, addresses, contact details, territory descriptions & maps etc. in a single, instantly searchable system
  • Set status’s and keep notes for each franchisee for simplified lead management
  • Easily access contact details for important people related to the franchisee (managers, advisors etc)
  • Track field visit notes and appointments
  • Maintain a complete archive of emails between you and your franchisee
  • Easily send and store warning letters (compliance breach notifications)
  • Record all your Franchise Agreement information, options dates and upload and store documents with automatic reminder notifications
  • Record company, trust, guarantor details
  • Exclusive TimeLine view displays all the activity related to a franchise in chronological order




  • send SMS from from the system to the franchisee
  • add as many fields to store different type of information as you need
  • upload and store related franchisee documents online (if using the Documents module)
  • view business plans and business plan review meetings (if using the Business Plan module)
  • view Franchisee sales (if using the Invoicing module)
  • view Franchisee Stock Orders (if using the Stock Orders module)
  • view Franchisee Reporting / SocreCard data (if using the ScoreCard module)