FranchiZeTrainer…   the on-line training system for Franchisors



Deliver your training content on-line 24/7 around the globe. Delivered flawlessly to desktop, tablet or mobile. FranchiZeTrainer makes this a reality.



Structure your content and test in almost any way you wish. Award certificates and badges to encourage desired behaviours. FranchiZeTrainer is a full featured learning management system.



Branded and customised to your needs. As with all Hatchit products your learning system should do exactly as you wish – no compromises and no workarounds.



Integrated with your learning system will share data and reporting with the rest of your important franchise information.

Packed with all the features of a true Learning Management System…

FranchiZeTrainer is a complete and fully featured Learning Management System. You can author and publish your training materials. Then allow franchisees and staff to access this content online 24/7 through any device they have. Using advanced testing methods you can quiz students to ensure learning has occurred. Certificates and badges encourage good behaviours. While all the time you can track progress for staff across the whole network or drill down to individual franchisee or student level.

Easily create an unlimited number of Courses, Lessons, and Lesson Topics.

Drip-feed your lesson content according to a predefined schedule.

Upload videos or e-learning files to supplement your course material.

Easily create an unlimited number of Courses, Lessons, and Lesson Topics.

Set course and lesson pre-requisites. Users can visually track their progress .

Create a quiz, set a passing score, and FranchiZeTrainer will issue certificates.

Set a timer for your lessons. Users can’t mark it as complete until the timer reaches zero /expires.

Create badges of achievement and list actions for users to earn.

Plus much more…

Quiz, test and score staff as they complete training courses…

Quiz Features


FranchiZeTrainer comes with a wide choice of quiz options. You can assign a Quiz to Courses/Lessons/Topics so that it cannot be marked as complete until it’s successfully passed. This is a great way to ensure that staff understand the content before being allowed to move onto the next Lesson.


A multitude of options to suit how you wish to run your quizzes, so you will get exactly what you want:

  • Tonnes of Question Types: Including “free text”, drag & drop, and many more.
  • Time Limits: Limit and track the amount of time spent on any quiz.
  • All Media Supported: Add video, audio, and images to questions and answers.
  • Randomized Questions: Display questions randomly to reduce the ability to cheat.
  • Randomize Answers: Display answers randomly on a per question basis.
  • Quiz Pre-Requisites: Requires /Requirement for a previous quiz to be taken prior to starting another.
  • Limit Number Of Quiz Attempts: Set the limit of quiz attempts at any number, from one to unlimited.
  • Block User Progression: Prevent progression to the next lesson until the quiz is passed.
  • Point System: Assign a unique number of points to each question of your quiz.
  • Levels & Certificates: Award up to 15 “graduate” levels and certificates based on points.
  • Display a Leaderboard: Leaderboard allows users to enter results to a public list.

Question types


Click to expand & read more:

Single Choice Question

The single choice question is a classic: many options, yet only one correct answer. Available features include:


  1. Time Limit
  2. Point System
  3. Media Integration (Graphics in the answers)
  4. Hints
  5. Quiz Summary
  6. Quiz Shortcode
  7. Leaderboard
Multiple Choice Question

The multiple choice question has many correct answer choices. Features being used in this example:


  1. Time Limited Quiz
  2. Point System
  3. Randomized answer order
  4. Media Integration (Image in the question)
  5. Quiz Summary
  6. Quiz Shortcode
Free Text Choice Question

The free text question enables the user to type the answer. There may be one, or many possible answers, depending on your preference. Features being used in this example:


  1. Time Limited Quiz
  2. Point System
  3. Hints
  4. Check answer immediately
  5. Quiz Overview
  6. Quiz Summary
  7. Quiz Shortcode
Sorting Choice Question

The sorting question type requires the user to specify the order of items. Features being used in this example:


  1. Time Limited Quiz
  2. Point System
  3. Quiz Summary
  4. Quiz Overview
  5. Quiz Shortcode
Matrix Choice Question

The matrix question enables the user to match different elements with specified criteria. Features being used in this example:


  1. Point System
  2. Question Overview
  3. Quiz Summary
  4. Quiz Shortcode
Fill-in-the-Blank Question

The fill-in-the-blank question enables the user to fill answers within text or equations. Features being used in this example:


  1. Time Limited Quiz
  2. Point System
  3. Question Overview
  4. Quiz Summary
  5. Quiz Shortcode
Survey Question

The survey quiz allows you to poll users and display a response specific message. Features being used in this example:


  1. Open-Ended (No Correct Answer)
  2. Category Score Summary
  3. Point System
  4. Graduation Levels
  5. Quiz Shortcode

Set up your learning system the way you want it to work. Show one question at a time, or display all of them at once. You have the freedom to mould and modify your Hatchit Learning System so that it is ideal for you.


Build your question bank and re-use or duplicate courses/ lessons/topics/quizzes. We’ve made sure that the absolute necessary functionality is not only included, but using it doesn’t take rocket science.


Full control over the branding of your learning site. Upload logos and images as you please. Most is self-service but as always you can utilise Hatchit Support to provide additional customisations as needed.

Create your own Franchise Training School – available online 24/7/365

Frequently Asked Questions:

Must I have FranchiZeManager to use FranchiZeTrainer?

No. Although most users of FranchiZeTrainer are already users of FranchiZeManager – even if it’s only for one or two modules. If you’re not going to use FranchiZeManager then there are some considerations to be made with regard to how you will get staff members registered onto training programs, and also to report on results. But every question has a solution and we are happy to work with you to find the approach that best suits your needs.

Can you help with writing our course materials?

Yes. We have assist clients with developing their course content and instructional design. Of course we don’t know your business, but we do know our systems and how they can be best leveraged. Ask us more and view it as a team approach to getting your training online.

We have a lot of training course materials already, can we reuse it?

Of course. There are a lot of ways of getting your training content online. Many items are reusable… videos, PowerPoint slides, pictures, text. We even offer a JumpStart service where we will take your content and refashion it for FranchiZeTrainer.

Ready for more information?