Group Communication Module – Now Ready

The Group Communication module is now ready. This new module makes it simple to send group emails and SMS’s to anyone stored within the FranchiZeManager – that includes contacts, leads, recruitment candidates and of course Franchisees.

The Group Communications module walks you through a very simple 4 step process:

1. Create a Target List of people you want to send your communication to. You can search and filter on any fields you need to find the people you want to contact.

2. Create the template communication you want to send to them. This is especially great if you find yourself saying the same or a similar thing over and over again. Just create a template and use it next time.Plus you can used merged fields like names to customise the communication as you want.

3. Start the communication, it will merge your target list into your template and generate your emails, from there you can review and edit individual emails before sending them. Click send and they’re gone.

There’s lots more power to this new module so ask us for a demo today.