Especially built for service based franchisors. Allow franchisees to create and send invoices directly from the same franchise management system you use. This module will provide you with complete transparency into the sales of your franchisees and is completely integrated with the royalties (fees) module and other job management modules.





  • Franchisees can create as many invoices as required. The system can scale to 100,000+ invoices per month.
  • Completely integrated with the other job management modules of FranchiZeManager, including the Customers, Quotes, Stock, and Bookings modules.
  • Create invoices using your desktop or mobile with iPad or other tablets.
  • Send invoices by email or print.
  • Pixel perfect PDF invoices, customised to your design and brand.
  • Add attachments and multiple configuration options.





  • Customise the invoice in any way required.
  • Match the invoice process to your desired business (job management) process.
  • Calculate franchise fees based on invoice information.
  • Create any type of report, dashboard or tracking you require.
  • Integrate with your accounting/finance system for sharing of information.