New Franchisee Enquiries / Leads

Growing your franchise network is a critical objective of most franchisors. You likely have plans to expand into new geographic territories or increase the density of outlets or services points within your existing areas of operation. Just considering natural attrition means that some new franchise recruitment is required this year to simply stay at the same franchisee numbers you currently have.


Are You Wasting Money on Recruitment?

This growth will involve recruiting, i.e. the selling, new franchises. You as the franchisor may do this yourself, with your own employed franchise sales executives. Or you may outsource the function to a specialised franchise recruitment company. This typically involves advertising, online directories, franchising and small business expos. All of which costs a lot of money, time and effort to generate these leads. But the question is, what do you do with them next? Are you making the most of your spend? How do you ensure no precious leads ‘fall through the gaps’?


Easily Capture Leads from Any Source

The Leads module is part of a full CRM within FranchiZeManager, that helps you manage these leads. Easily connect the enquiry form on your website or other online directories to FZM, and have every lead automatically loaded into FZM. Now you can qualify your leads, score them, and hopefully convert them into a Candidate to become part of your franchise recruitment pipeline.


Key Metrics to Answer the Important Questions

Now that you have a central place to store this data, you can understand the key metrics that will allow you to manage your recruitment process better. How much you are paying per lead, what are your most effective sources of recruitment leads, what your conversion rates are like… and you can finally answer that golden question… “is it really worthwhile doing that Expo again this year?”




  • Conveniently Store contact information
  • One click search of people on LinkedIn
  • Track the source of enquiries to better manage marketing efforts
  • Track days open and conversions into the franchisee recruitment pipeline
  • Create and store file / contact notes
  • Archive and access all email correspondence with a contact
  • Quickly send template emails and attachments to enquiriers




  • Have enquiries load directly from your website enquiry form into FranchiZeManager
  • Have enquiries load directly from 3rd party websites such as &
  • Create rules to have enquiries automatically assigned to staff members
  • Create rules to have newly assigned Enquiries notify people by SMS or email of their existence