New Feature – Notifications

We have a nice new feature released today called Notifications.





What Are They?

It’s a simple way to send a short message to another FZM user. It is designed for messages that relate specifically to something in the FZM system, e.g. a Contact, a Franchisee, a Task etc.  For example, you have just entered a note against franchisee and you want Joe to know about it. Or a recruitment candidate just got interviewed and now you need to let HR know.

Notifications appear on your home page, and you can click on the notification to go straight through to the related record. New ones have a marker so you can quickly see what’s important to you when you login. You can also right click and archive the notification to remove it from view or mark it as read.

But What If I Haven’t Logged Into FZM, How Will I Know About My Notifications?

Well we haven’t left email out entirely, every user can choose if they want to get sent an email immediately when they receive a notification. You can choose your own frequency, such as “immediately”, or “daily” or “never”.

Why Use Them?

  • It’s easy to send a notification
  • It’s all within FZM, there is no need to switch to email
  • It’s “contextual” – this mean your recipient knows exactly what/who you are talking about
  • You helping everyone by getting rid of emails and achieve that mythical “zero-inbox”