New franchise management system features

New Features for April & May 2021

Franchise Fees

You can now store your Franchise Fees on a revised mini-module on the Franchise record. It is multi-configurable to allow for all different fee types and variations. Plus there’s new Franchise Fee report to access your data at a glance (just view Franchise > Reports drop down).

Revised Royalties Module

There’s been a full rewrite of the Franchise Royalties module. It’s faster, easier to use and more configurable than before. Why calculate royalties manually every few weeks or month when FZM can perform these calculations quickly, with 100% accuracy, sending pixel perfect invoices and having all your data stored within FZM alongside your other important franchise data.

Royalties is now available as an “add-on” module to any FZM Account type. We can accomodate most fee structures without you needing to be on an FZM Enterprise account. So for a small additional monthly fee you can access this great module, just contact FZM Support for more details, you can check it out on the Demo site too.

Revised LAMP Module

Tracking Local Area Marketing has become easier with the re-release of the LAMP module. You can track LAMP activities and spending as well as Franchisee participation. There’s calendar views and some great reporting features.

New Franchise Reports

We’ve updated some crucial reports in FZM to make them easier to access and faster to run. Straight from your franchise menu go to the new Reports drop down and keep an eye on this as we build out more reports for you.