New features for February 2021

New Features for February 2021

Last month saw some more new features and updates released into FZM:

Icon Upgrades

You may have noticed some improved use of colors and icons throughout the site. As we roll-out this UI upgrade, module icons have been extended onto search queries, tab headers and forms. These icons take their color and design from the base module on the left menu. So it should be easier (faster) to navigate through the system at speed as you can visually recognise the colour and icon of the module you are working on. This is especially useful for those “productivity junkies” that have too many tabs open at once.

Franchise Award Letters

This new feature has been on the road map for a while and is now live. You can set-up your own Franchise Award Letter – eg the letter you send to a Candidate when they have been awarded a franchise – and send it to a candidate through FZM. The Award letter can be signed online by the candidate and even has room for attachments (downloads) which is a great way to kick off the Onboarding Process. Of course all the signed documents flow back to the Candidate record, so you have everything in one place.