New franchise management system features

New features for January 2021

There’s been a release of some new features and functionality:

Customizable FDD Receipts (US / Canada clients)

This one is mostly for use by our US and Canadian clients where signed FDD receipts form an important part of the recruitment and governance process. You can now completely customise the receipt that is presented – and signed – by the candidate before they download your FDD. This means your PDF receipt can be fully compliant with any directive from your attorney.

Candidate Stages Schedule Dates

You can now track “Scheduled Dates” alongside candidate stages. You still track “Complete Dates” but also (optionally) track the date the next stage/s should occur. This is great for forward planing and another FZM tool to utilise when checking that your pipeline is being worked correctly and moving forward. We will be releasing some additional dashboards soon to assist with forecasting franchise signings based on your pipeline and also recruitment manager productivity.

Customisable Lease Expiry Reminders

We have added more flexibility around lease reminders, so you can set up custom reminder dates. Since all commercial leases are different, with different notice periods and option periods you need your reminders to be as flexible as your leases, this is now possible. Set as many reminders as you want and include as many users as you want too.