FZM June 2021 updates

New Features for June 2021

Hello and welcome to our Monthly Highlights for June 2021. 

In these short monthly video’s we walk through some updates and changes that have occurred over the last 30 days. 

As always, this isn’t a training session but just a quick overview and to give you a visual on some new features and functions in the system that you might like to implement in your franchise system. 


First we’re going to start with Onboarding. 

This is quite a popular module of FZM.  The recruitment module is our most popular module and the Onboarding flows straight on from this, and therefore onboarding is also popular. 

Now just a quick reminder on what this module is, in case you’re not currently using it. Onboarding is a project management type of module that takes you from “Signed Franchise Agreement” through to “First Day of Trade”. We’re talking about the 150 to 200 tasks you have to do when you bring a new franchisee on.

The onboarding module will help you keep track of what needs to be done when. Assign tasks to people and make sure they get completed. 

So, let’s look at what’s new….

For years we have been saying the LAST task on your Onboarding module should be to review ALL the tasks in the Onboarding you just completed and see what worked, what didn’t work and what needs to be changed for the next session. 

Well in the latest update we’ve made that review process a whole lot easier, Onboard Dashboards have been updated and now include a great feature called “Late/Early Analysis”.  Just access it from the top of any Onboard record. 

The next update to the Onboarding module is also in the Dashboards area. While previously the module has been a great project management “tool”, helping you ensure tasks are complete and done.  With this update it also gets a boost to the reporting features making it a great management tool too.  The new Onboard dashboard provides you an amazing snapshot visual to see if the onboarding is on track. It’s a great visual and allows you to quickly track where you are with the onboarding. 

Those last two updates focussed on individual onboarding records, helping you understand a specific onboarding of one franchisee.  

This next update provides you with an overview across all your Onboarding records . So with this you can answer key management questions like: 

“Are we getting better at this?”  and “How did this onboarding compare to the ones we did last year?”

It is simple and effective, providing a one page view to compare one onboard with another. 

Business Plans

Next for the June highlights, is a less popular FZM module called Business Plans

Now this is a module we didn’t even update in our big Version 11 rollout because so few clients were using it. 

Business Plans are a funny thing… every franchisor I speak with, will talk about the importance of Franchisee Business Plans, but in reality we find very few Franchisors are implementing them. 

However we have had requests to update and now you can run a light version simply uploading franchisee business plans undertaking reviews OR going the full way and authoring your business plans online using the Balanced Scorecard Framework.  

That’s it for the June highlights, if you need help implementing anything or have further questions please reach out to the FZM support team.