New Feedback (Customer Complaints) Module

We have had a lot of requests for this one over the last 6 months, so we’re excited to announce thatĀ theĀ first version the Feedback module is now available.

You can now create a “case” to record feedback you receive from customers. Feedback can be positive / negative or just general feedback, and of course it can be related to a franchisee and soon even a staff member or a product/service. We also have some greatĀ complaintsĀ reports coming soon too. Plus the ability to add Tasks and Comments helps you to resolve the case and keep track of them.

This is the first version of the Feedback module, there will be some really interesting new features released over the coming months including full integration with our new related product called “OK, Tell us” ( – which will help Franchisors gather customer feedback in a cost effective manner.

Stay tuned for more.