New Module: News

We released a new little module today  called “News”.

Well, actually we have cheated a little bit, it isn’t completely new since it’s a rebuild of the “Official Announcements” module, but we have improved it greatly.

The purpose of this module is to provide Franchisor support staff with an easy way to publish newsletters and news items for their franchisee (and staff) community. Aside from the usual text and attachments we have allowed a little “embed” code feature. So you can use other services like SlideShare and Projeqt (which we like a lot) to create visual presentations that are private for your franchisees to view. Using these services you can create your newsletter in any technology you like, for example MS Word or PowerPoint, import it and use FranchizeManager to “distribute” it. We also have some improvements coming to allow you to track who has viewed your presentations/news items.

There is now an example on the demo site – using a simple PowerPoint presentation that we have imported into Projeqt.