Project Manager – A New Module!

If you run a franchised business, or work for a franchisor, then you probably have lots of “projects” on the go. In fact more of doing business seems to be about projects than business as usual. New initiatives, opening a new franchise location, re-writing the Ops Manual or developing a new training program, these are all common projects. With so many projects running simultaneously, how do you keep on top of everything? How do know what needs to get done and who is responsible? How do you report on progress?

With the new FZm module – Projects! Here are some of the great new features:

  • Store all your projects online.
  • Relate your projects to Franchisees in the system.
  • Create unlimited tasks for a project.
  • Assign tasks to other users of the system.
  • Comment on tasks.
  • Add attachments to tasks.
  • Group your tasks by milestones for easy understanding.
  • Report on the tasks that are overdue.
  • Receive weekly reminders of tasks overdue and also due for coming week.
  • Get a weekly email of your tasks that are overdue and also due this coming week.
  • Run a PDF report to get an overall view of your projects.
  • Plus more!


As with everything in the FZm – it’s all stored in one place, everyone can access it and you can finally start to understand what’s happening with all those projects in your business.

Ask us for a demo login to see the new Projects module in action.