New Franchisee Recruitment / Candidates

Congratulations, someone is interested in buying a franchise! However, any experienced franchisor knows that’s just the beginning of a long journey. There are numerous hurdles, pitfalls, tedious evaluations, checklists and legal maneuvers before you get a signature on the Franchise Agreement. Franchise recruitment is a complex process, and you need to ensure that everything is done correctly, documented and signed-off. Should you ever fall into dispute with a franchisee in the future, you have a complete record of what was said and done in the selling process.


Easily Manage a Complex Sales Funnel

You have a number of candidates at various stages in your recruitment pipeline. Most franchise recruitment processes have between 7 and 21 different stages, i.e steps that a candidate will progress through to reach that signature stage. It’s clear that whoever is in charge of franchise sales needs to be highly organised. It takes time, energy and a brilliantly efficient and process driven person to manage this process.


Build Efficiency and Automation Into Your Process

How do you make this efficient? Start with your recruitment process: map out each stage, document it, explain it, and then systemise it. The Recruitment / Candidates module is designed to assist you in every stage of your franchise recruitment process which is customised to support your unique business workflow.


Have the system track each stage, store notes, create documentation, send template emails, send out notifications and reminders to ensure no-one gets ‘stuck’ at a stage too long, even put your application forms online to stop that stack of papers building up too high. Plus, you get powerful reporting so you can tell that board meeting exactly what’s happening with recruitment.




  • Store comprehensive candidate information and application details
  • Easily track candidates through your pre-set recruitment stages
  • Measure your pipeline and expected close dates and values
  • Track & store check-lists and final sign-offs
  • Upload documents such as financial statements & application forms
  • Track days open and conversions into franchisees
  • Create and store file / contact /interview notes
  • Archive email correspondence against a candidate
  • Send template emails and attachments to candidates




  • The Online Applications module can completely remove paper from your application process and streamline the work involved by automating many repetitive tasks.
  • Rules can have notifications automatically sent to staff members as candidates progress through the recruitment stages.
  • The FranchiZe Profile (see to profile the candidates for suitability and expected future performance as a franchisee (Hatchit is the exclusive authorised distributor for the The FranchiZe Profile in Australia, New Zealand and Asia).
  • Use the English Language Test to test a candidate’s English language skills.